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The Gentleman’s Review is a fortnightly podast featuring three people with todgers: Martin Wolfenden, Andrew Wilson, Tom Stringfellow and todgerless Lisa Goddard. Oh and a lovely dog called Dill, but he doesn’t say much.

Usually what happens is everybody gathers in Martin’s living room and talks a bit. Then Martin and Andy improvise a story about an auctioneer giraffe or something and Tom nods off.

Despite being one of the oldest podcasts around, it has never been offered a knighthood, book deal or free prostitute. Nor have Martin, Tom and Andy ever been recognised in the street. Even though Martin carries around a PA system playing a loop of his voice and a big sign saying “That’s me talking!”


Stuff that happened:


  • In March: First episode recorded.


  • In March: To celebrate their first birthday they write and perform a special audio adventure call The Talons of Time. It was written in a week and recorded straight from the page without rehearsal (which is self evident) and then they went to the pub.


  • In May: The Gentleman’s Review  wasn’t nominated for a Sony Award. This made them very proud and Martin made a special cake out of petrol, which took everyone’s eyebrows off.


  • In March: The idiots did a nine hour, live streamed podcast in aid of Comic Relief. This made them very tired and Martin had to see a doctor.
  • In August:  The fool/idiot hybrids took to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe in a one off show called ‘The Gentleman’s Review’s Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow’. Happily the audience was ample and very kind.


  • Skynet controls a global empire from its heavily-guarded fortress-factories and research installations.

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