Episode 112 – All Good Things…

It’s the last ever episode of The Gentleman’s Review and the gang reminisce about the last five years and wonder if it was all worth it.  What they don’t talk about is the mental anguish. For instance Martin became addicted to crystal meth and Tom couldn’t go past a fruit machine without shooting up with Tizer. Not to mention Lisa’s kick boxing addiction and Andy’s nervous breakdown, when he would only wear cotton briefs on his head. Besides all this, we’d like to thank everybody who has supported us over the last five years and we hope to see you all again in the future. Love. Martin, Tom, Andy and Lisa XXXX

Episode 111b – Megapoddy Part 2

In this second half  we talk to Chief Chirpa, leader of the Ewok army and old man George Pim and his carer. Also, Martin discovered he’d put the wrong text number on the website, the laptop explodes, covering Martin in computer juice. and we enjoy a 15 minute Doctor Who interlude.  You can keep donating at:  http://www.justgiving.com/megapoddy


Episode 111a – Megapoddy Part 1

It’s Red Nose day and Martin, Tom and Andy set forth to do a leisurely five hour podcast while drinking beer. In this first half: Dab and Tench begin an exciting journey to Africa, Martin, Tom and Andy start drinking and there are some sketches and shit and that.


Episode 110a – Sleepy Lisa

It’s another chilled out miniature podcast, so chilled out in fact that Lisa falls asleep. Has she contracted a sleeping sickness or is working a 200 hour week finally catching up with her. For the answer to this and more, please send a stamped addressed envelope to: TGR, 1000009 Dreadful Rd, Spunktache, Ethelmermonshire. ARGH1 2SHIT


Episode 110 – What’s that smell?

Here’s another bloody podcast by those bloody twats, they’re banging on about some shit again. Maybe they’re mentally ill, I just don’t know. Do you know Bill? He said that they do rituals on the roof of his pub involving whisky.  Great bloke Bill, pepper of the earth.  He once bought a crampon factory in Bermondsey, went bust inside a month. That’ll be a hundred quid guv’ner.  No tip? Cheapskate.

Warning: Flashing rockeries throughout.


Episode 109 – Utter Shambles

In this episode: levels vary, cables break and the entire podcast lurches around like a morbidly obese man on an all you can eat merry-go-round.  So strap yourself out and steady your nerves with powerful drugs, it’s going to be a lumpy bride.  Warning: testicles.


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